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Global Shipping Firm Pitney Bowes Affected by Ransomware Attack

Bleeping Computer, October 2019 
October 15th 2019
Bleeping Computer, October 2019
Another month and another attack, this time on Pitney Bowes, global shipping and mailing services company. You can read Sergiu Gatlan's article online here .  

Global shipping and mailing services company Pitney Bowes announced today that it was the victim of a ransomware attack that encrypted some of its systems, leading to a partial system outage that impacted customer access to some services.

Pitney Bowes is a global tech company that provides mailing, e-commerce, shipping, data, and financial services, and powering billions of transactions for more than 1.5 million clients around the world, including 90% of Fortune 500 companies according to a press release published today.

"At this time, the company has seen no evidence that customer or employee data has been improperly accessed," says Pitney Bowes' system update statement.

"Upon discovery of the cyberattack, we immediately assembled our Enterprise Outage Response Team to address the situation. We continue to work with third party security experts to resolve the issues."

Multiple Pitney Bowes services currently impacted
The ransomware attack impacted Pitney Bowes' mailing system products and blocked access to the Your Account service, with the following systems currently being down for clients with postage meters and SendPro products:

• Clients are unable to refill postage or upload transactions on their mailing machine
• SendPro Online in the UK and Canada
• Your Account and the Pitney Bowes Supplies web store cannot be accessed. This in turn impacts clients subscribed to AutoInk and our Supplies App
The statement also lists the systems that are currently working:

• Mailing machines can print indicia, if funds are available
• SendPro C and P devices can print shipping labels from the device
• SendPro Online in the U.S., SendPro Enterprise, SendSuite Live, SendSuite Express, SendSuite Tracking (SST), SendSuite Tracking Online (SSTO) and Relay Hub are all operational
The company says that customers are safe to use their meter and SendPro products. "You will not be able to refill your postage meter until we resolve our systems outage, but if you have funds loaded you will be able to print postage."

For clients with Mail360 and MIPro Licensing products, the outage affects Your Account access, Data fulfillment, and some of our Support pages, with Software and Data Marketplace downloads being unavailable.

For Commerce Services clients, "cross border solutions, as well as all shipping technology, label generation and tracking solutions were not impacted," while Fulfillment, Delivery and Returns clients and Presort services were impacted.

"The Software and Data products themselves are not directly affected because they do not access the backend systems of the Pitney Bowes network. We have seen no evidence that customer accounts or data have been impacted," adds the company.

This attack comes right after the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) published during early October a public service announcement regarding the increasing number of high-impact ransomware attacks targeting both public and private U.S. organizations.

During late September, the U.S. Senate also passed the 'DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act' (S.315) to authorize the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to maintain cyber hunt and incident response teams designed to help private and public entities fight against ransomware-based cyber-attacks.