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IUMI supports industry efforts on cyber security

Safety4Sea.com, June 2017 
June 20th 2017
Safety4Sea.com, June 2017
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The International Unit of Marine Insurance (IUMI) announced that it supports the efforts of the IMO, classification societies and shipowner associations to understand, assess and mitigate the risk of cyber threats, in order to make them more transparent and understandable to operators.

As cyber security is very high on its agenda, IUMI cooperated with international shipowner associations, such as BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Intertanko, Intercargo and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), for the second edition of the “Shipowners Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships”- intended to be launched in the late summer of 2017. IUMI has, among others, provided proposals for a new insurance chapter in the guidelines.

During the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) 98 meeting in June 2017, a paper submitted by the United States of America (MSC 98/5/2) was under the IMO’s consideration. The paper proposes to make cyber risk management onboard ships mandatory as before, and to make it part of the ISM Code and accordingly part of the ship’s mandatory Safety Management System.

IUMI currently relies on shipowners’ voluntary efforts to perform a proper risk assessment, based on the rules and guidelines developed by shipowner associations and classification societies.

With regard to classification, IUMI is a member of the newly founded International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Joint Working Group (JWG) on cyber systems, which has already met several times in 2017. The JWG prepares industry input to the new IACS cyber panel which is intended to develop class recommendations with regard to cyber risks.