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Maritime cyber security platform unveiled

Marine Electronics and Communications, July 2017 
July 17th 2017
Marine Electronics and Communications, July 2017
In the wake of Maersk the industry is coming together like never before to combat cybercrime. Read the online article here.

Turrem Data Group and Smart Maritime Ltd have formed a partnership to develop a digital security platform for ships. This will involve Turrem’s Fleet-Secure service being made available as a core component of Smart Maritime’s e-worthy brand, which combines cyber security training and cyber aligned procedural advice.

This development was started well before IMO incorporated cyber risk management into ship safety management requirements in June this year. IMO has given shipowners and managers until January 2021 to incorporate cyber security into safety management documentation. But tanker operators need to begin this process as early as January 2018.

“The maritime industry is increasingly exposed to the threat of cyber-crime, and [focused on] how damaging a breach could be to fleet owners and operators,” said Turrem founder Steve Tytler.

He added: “There is a lack of suitable cyber security solutions available, especially those designed for the maritime sector and optimised for use over satellite communications.”

Smart Maritime founder Mark Quested said its services were about “reducing risk for the maritime sector while managing improved connectivity”. The solution offered by these companies minimises data usage for cyber security, said Turrem chief technology officer Mark Mottershead.

He added: “We worked alongside Smart Maritime’s team to help deploy a simple node that can be hosted on a variety of onboard satellite communications smart boxes that could be preloaded or uploaded without using up precious bandwidth. We could then help manage this from our purpose-built security operations centre based in the UK.”

Fleet-Secure is a specifically developed unified security management platform that accelerates and simplifies threat detection, incident response and compliance management for vessels within the maritime industry.

“It enables complete security visibility on the threats affecting vessels, and allows for a comprehensive remediation in a fast and timely manner via our fully managed service,” said Mr Mottershead.

Mr Quested said shipping companies, such as Maersk would be able to prevent malware attacks, such as the recent Petaya assault, from damaging multiple networks. He said a unified security management platform would have had the intrusion stopped at the endpoints and the indicators of compromise reported to the open threat exchange within an hour of the attack.