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Report of the Riviera Maritime Media's European Maritime Cyber Risk Summit

Marinemec.com, June 2017 
June 26th 2017
Marinemec.com, June 2017
The recent Riviera Maritime Media's European Maritime Cyber Risk Management Summit was a productive session, as Martyn Wingrove's article outlined; highlights and comments here but you can read the full article online here.

Top findings from the sesion:

Key problems onboard
DNV GL maritime cyber security manager Patrick Rossi listed the following problem areas that contribute to making container ships and tankers particularly vulnerability to cyber attack:
  • Bridge systems connected to unsecure connections
  • Missing software patches
  • USBs passed between multiple ship computers and bridge equipment
  • Unconnected firewalls
  • Lack of network segregation
  • Unencrypted emails
  • No malware scanning on ECDIS

New polls
An online poll showed that 44% of delegates said the most important function of cyber security was to identify threats, and 31% said protection was more important.

Former Asst Dir FBI International Operations recommends crew training to combat cyber threat
Mr Boles, now directors of global legal technology solutions at Navigant, recommended crew should be trained to prevent unintentional malware infections. He also recommended that controlled networks should be separated from unsecure ones, that software should be patched and shipping companies should have layered defences to isolate protected data from the internet, implement multi-factor authentication and retain outside security experts to help plan for a cyber attack.

Hacking already happening
Inmarsat Maritime warned that they had been notified that shipping companies have already been hacked, backed up by North of England Club which went on to say that many companies are simply unaware that they have been breached. Implementing cyber security should be a priority at the boardroom level.